Bringing Jobs to be Done to Your Organization

Taking It One Project at a Time

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In a prior post, I described how to quickly leverage your new Jobs to be Done interview skills and get a quick-and-dirty assessment of why people purchase your product. You may not realize it, but you are on your way to spreading the Jobs to be Done (JTBD) framework across the organization.

Some may be fortunate to have teammates and leaders already familiar with JTBD. This was my situation at the Personal Trainer Development Center. Our Founder and CEO knew that our partner Precision Nutrition had used JTBD methods to grow their business. In his book Changemaker, Precision Nutrition co-founder Jon Berardi publicly credited his company’s use of JTBD with significantly boosting revenue.

This was definitely not the case in my prior roles though. So what did I do back then?

I did not push “JTBD” jargon or expend precious goodwill pressing for a super-sized JTBD project. Instead, I thought small to have a big impact.

I just started using JTBD methods day to day. I conducted and analyzed JTBD interviews, a few at a time. I used the profoundly customer-centric, basic thinking at the root of Jobs in problem-solving. I fed the insights into daily conversations, decision making and workstreams. Some colleagues discovered these ideas complemented concepts and practices they already used. When anyone asked to learn more about the approach, I shared articles, books and videos introducing them more formally to JTBD. As team members found value in the methods, they naturally used them more frequently and in more impactful ways.

So create familiarity through the work you are doing right now. Show value. Then move up to more substantial projects.

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Updated October 14, 2022



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