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Building your JTBD Reading List and Podcast Playlist

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If you want to build on what you have learned about Jobs to be Done from your interviews, or if you would prefer to get started by learning more about the framework before you leap into an interview, I would recommend these resources.

  1. Watch this brief video overview of Jobs to be Done (JTBD) by the Harvard Business Review.
  2. Buy Competing Against Luck, the highly accessible and authoritative work on Jobs Theory, by Clayton Christensen. Read it. Get practice. Reread it.
  3. Buy and read Demand Side Sales 101, by Bob Moesta, a practical counterpart to Christensen’s framework overview.
  4. Listen to this 25-minute-long podcast from the HBR IdeaCast: “The ‘Jobs to be Done’ Theory of Innovation.”
  5. Learn about a JTBD research project at Arosa by listening to this podcast from the Disruptive Voice: “Why Do People Hire (and Fire) Employers?
  6. If you have found it valuable to see examples of JTBD in action, watch this 2016 video featuring Intercom. To hear the latest from Intercom, follow that up with this more recent, 2019 podcast. Also check out Wyzant’s story and this podcast featuring Autobooks.

Finally, you may have heard about the Snickers story in relation to Jobs to be Done. This podcast (@ 36:45) shares the best version of the story I have run across online.

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