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Building your JTBD Reading List and Podcast Playlist

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So you have some interview experience and an understanding of the basic Jobs to be Done framework (JTBD). Super. If you want to take your interviewing skills to the next level, I would recommend these resources.

  1. You might start by taking a course on interviewing with Bob Moesta and team. One option is the online program “Mastering Jobs-To-Be-Done Interviews” available at You can also follow Bob Moesta on Twitter to hear about other courses Moesta teaches. I teach a consumer insights (interview) workshop as well from time to time.
  2. Pick up and read Demand-Side Sales 101, if you have not done that yet. Some of the content may be a review if you have listened to or watched other resources I recommend, but I find it helpful to have this information in writing. Valuable, too, is chapter four, where you will find interview transcripts analyzed using JTBD tools.
  3. Consider exploring a few resources — out of the mainstream — that may also be of value: the Jobs to be Done Handbook (not a highly polished work, but I have referred to my copy from time to time), this video published by Chris Spiek about recruiting interviewees, and this Harvard Business School video with a few expert interview tips.
  4. Build on the several interviews you have listened to by this point in your learning journey. Check out an interview I conducted and shared. One interview you probably have not run across is “5: Bonus! Live JTBD Interview by Bob Moesta” in this JTBD playlist from the Business of Software website (about buying a Fitbit).
  5. As part of growing your interview skills, develop your ability to debrief interviews. There are fewer publicly available resources about this part of the JTBD framework, so you will definitely want to check out this interview and debrief about buying a Peloton bike.

Finally, you probably have a sense for what a complete JTBD research project looks like now. If you want to ride along on a project vicariously, read Choosing College, by Michael B. Horn and Bob Moesta. In this book Horn and Moesta expose the reasons that people “hire” higher education. (Then, listen to an example of the kind of interview behind the book’s findings on A Sherpa’s Guide to Innovation.)

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Updated October 14, 2022



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